Adventure team

Meet the Adventure Team

Lead Volunteer – Adventure

Sarina is the lead volunteer for adventure with covers our county outdoor and residential site, properties, outdoor and adventure and events.

Our aim is to give all our members the opportunity to take part in all sorts of adventures and we are always happy to hear your ideas.


Meet the Catterburn Team

Lynne Gibbons

Please contact me if you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions for Catterburn.  


Maxine Gow

Please get in touch if you want to make a booking for the site, there is an availability calender under the Catterburn pages, but its always worth an ask

Aileen Mundy

If you are making payments by BACS, please send me an email to let me know you have done so and the reference you have used, to ensure all monies are marked up thank you

Katrina Crook

I’m always happy to hear about any ideas you have, new grants you’ve heard of, or any other types of funding that could make a difference to the site

Diane McKay – Housekeeping
Lorna Masson – Souveniers
Morag McKay – Grounds / Maintenance
Beth Lewis – Team Secretary
Janice Blair – Communication

Meet the Outdoor Team


Andrea McLeod

We have amazing archery equipment and volunteer instructors, if you want to book us whilst you are staying, or just for an evening activity at Catterburn, please get in touch

Kirsteen Raeside

If you have any girls interested on working towards their Duke of Edinburgh, or you want to find out more information about it, then please contact me for a chat.  

Happy to help with what forms must be completed and also to help you achieve your license if you are working towards your Duke of Edinburgh.



Sheena Edwards

Thinking of taking your girls abroad, or maybe joining an international camp based in the UK, then please contact me for a chat.  Happy to help with what forms must be completed and also to help with your license if you are working towards it.

Anna Hill

Leaders always have questions on just what they are allowed to do near water, how far and where they can walk, what qualification (if any) they need.  Please get in touch and I am happy to chat you through all things water and walking based.