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Guiding through Lockdown

I run a Rainbow unit and a Ranger unit.

From the week before lockdown was announced I have run weekly Zoom sessions for my Rangers. They have been nothing to do with Skill Builders and UMAs, just games, fun, lots of laughs and a chance to have a bit of ‘normality’ during strange times. 7-8 Rangers joined in every week to play escape rooms, mars bar game, battleships, scavenger hunts, beetle drives and soooo much more. The Rangers have all loved it but I think I loved it a little bit more….

Rainbows were completely different. Every six weeks or so I posted out a pack of activity suggestions. These included bits from UMAs and interest badge clauses along with things I thought they would find fun. Each of these activities could be done with what they have at home, paper, pens, blankets, teddy’s etc.

I also sent each Rainbow little story books of the fun Rainbow Bear was having at home. Rainbow bear has been making smoothies, dressing up, doing her agility badge and lots more.

I wasn’t keen to do Zoom with the Rainbows as I couldn’t see how we would keep their attention. Finally, in September, we took the plunge and had a half hour Zoom session with them. They loved the Scavenger hunt and playing Kim’s game. It was so nice to see them having fun!