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The Brownie Adventure is packed full of fun and exciting challenges based around three themes:

  • You: Learning about yourself, making new friends and trying new things.
  • Community: Exploring your local area and finding out about the people who live there.
  • World: Discovering the wider world and learning how to keep it safe.

Brownies do this by working towards interest badges covering everything from art and dancing to watersports, wildlife and world cultures. They also create their own events like sleepovers, picnics or pet shows and go on camps and other adventures away from their usual meeting place.

Brownies in Dunbartonshire have enjoyed Sleepover adventures in the Science Centre and Sea Life Centres as well as themed weekends such as Harry Potter and Minions at our County Campsite at Catterburn.  They have also enjoyed a visit from Willow, a Therapy dog who helped explain to the girls how to be a good Dog Owner, and visits from the Teddy Bear Hospital, where medical students come and talk to the girls about what happens in hospital and also treat any injured teddy bears!

A Dunbartonshire Brownie Unit handed over a donation of £200 to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, when they came with a dog to visit the unit. They raised the money by having a sponsored Blind Fold night.

Brownies are encouraged to make decisions for themselves and to play a role in planning their activities. A Brownie unit is divided into smaller groups called Sixes, led by Brownies called a Sixer and a Seconder. A Pow-wow, involving everyone from the newest Brownie to the Brown Owl, takes place any time during a Brownie meeting when there’s something important to discuss, decide or share.

Brownies are encouraged to look after each other and all new Brownies have a Brownie Buddy to help them settle in. As the end of their time at Brownies nears, girls are encouraged to complete their first specially-designed Guide ‘Go for it!’ badge to help them find out more about Guides and what’s involved.

Interested in stories, badges and exciting activities? Take a look at the Brownies website.

Brownies wear a comfortable uniform where they can choose what items they prefer – find out more by visiting the Scottish online shop.

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