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Things to do On-Site

There are a range of activities which you can take part in on-site at Catterburn.

Activity Hut

The activity hut contains a large selection of individual and team games and activities.

Activity Trail

The activity trail is very popular with younger girls and must be supervised by adults.


Archery sessions can be booked at a reasonable cost by anyone in Girlguiding, not only those staying on site. Further information on this can be obtained from the booking secretary: catterburnarchery@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk



5 Garmin eTrex GPS navigator sets are available to use for treasure hunts or orienteering.


Short Course Golf is available for all to use.  Long course golf requires adult supervision.  This can be booked via The Golf Academy 0141 429 8622.  This will incur a cost with the Golf Academy.


A selection of souvenirs and small gifts can be found in each building, prices start from 30p.