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Acre Road Observatory, off Maryhill Road, Bearsden

Acre Road Observatory, off Maryhill Road, Bearsden

An ideal destination for the Brownie Stargazer badge.

Demonstrators are Physics and Astronomy postgraduate and undergraduate student volunteers. As an incentive, demonstrators are paid an hourly rate and transportation costs for them to/from Acre Road observatory.

Groups are usually split with half going into the actual observation tower whilst half stay in a newly refurbished classroom and do some activities and then swap.

The demonstrators have always been very patient with enthusiastic Brownies and attempt to answer all questions.

Contact and cost information can be found here.

BHive at Bowling Harbour

BHive is ran by Scottish Canals and this facility is fairly new.

You can visit the website here

They are open May to October and at the moment only at weekends – however if we had girls going they would open for us in the evening

 £10 per person for a 3 hour session – this included one land based activity (Giant games, soft archery, problem solving) and one water based activity (Waterzorbing, stand up paddle boards, canoeing, raft building), so if it was a group of 20 they would be split and swop over at half time.

Muddy Muckers

Fun run in the mud!

Visit their website at: Muddy Muckers


Based in Cumbernauld, Muddy Muckers is a fantastic 2K Mud Run comprising of 22 fun but challenging obstacles.

Clean is not an option. You will get muddy and very wet.

The centre is open all year round and caters for groups and events.


Five Sisters Zoo

Celebrating 10 years

Visit their website at: Five Sisters Zoo

The Zoo has an exciting collection of over 180 different species of mammals, birds and reptiles from all around the world.  The Zoo’s main attractions are the rescue bears and lions from the travelling circus in Europe.  They now have a settle