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Vacant Posts

Vacancies will be posted here as they become available


Girlguiding Dunbartonshire would not exist without our fantastic volunteers and we appreciate all you do to help keep our county going. We have teams that are always on the look out for support:


Description:  Catterburn is a HUGE asset for our County! We want to ensure this fantastic facility is used to its maximum potential!
Skills required:  a love of the outdoors, passionate about camping, a want to support leaders to take girls on an adventure, marketing skills, grant application/ fundraising experience.
Contact Maxine (Chair of Catterburn Committee)   catterburnchair@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

County Events Team

Description: Girls and Leaders across the County benefit from meeting others from across the County and being part of a larger organisation!  We are looking to develop a team of enthusiastic leaders from all sections.
Skills required: being organised, good at budgeting, working to deadlines, great at communication both within and outwith Girlguiding, and filling out grant applications/fundraising experience.
Contact Lynn (Chair of Events Team) dunbartonshireevents@gmail.com 

Marketing and Communication Team

Description:  We have a great that looks after the Website, Social Media, Advertising Events, Creating flyers, badges and other promotional material.  But to be honest we don’t think we can ever have too many on the team!
Skills required: interested in Social Media (maybe studying for a qualification), Web development, design, editorial, photography.  The list goes on, but you don’t need all these skills, if you think you can bring anything at all to the team get in touch!
Contact Janice (Chair of Marketing and Communication)   marcomm@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Growth Team

Description: This will be quite a diverse team looking at Recruitment, Retention & Recognition
Skills required: volunteer recruitment experience, human resource and recruitment experience, people management experience, a passion for Guiding, marketing experience, coaching and development skills, great organisation and/or admin skills, public relations experience, a passion for good communication via lots of different avenues.
Contact Heather (Chair of Growth Team)  Growth@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Other Vacant Posts