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South Eastern Division

Email: southeasterndiv@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

South Eastern Division

Dunbartonshire South Eastern Division covers all areas of the town of Clydebank and the neighbouring village of Old Kilpatrick.  Places of interest include Clydebank Town Hall and Museum, the Titan Crane and the Erskine Bridge.

The iconic Titan Crane stands 150ft tall and gives visitors outstanding panoramic views across the River Cart and down the River Clyde, beyond the equally iconic Erskine Bridge, which dominates the skyline at Old Kilpatrick.

There are two Districts, Clydebank North and Clydebank West, which between them have 2 Senior Section Units, 5 Guide Units, 9 Brownie Units and 5 Rainbow Units. There is also 1 Trefoil Guild.

The Districts are:

  • Clydebank North which has 3 Rainbow Units, 4 Brownie Units and 3 Guide Units.
  • Clydebank West which has 2 Rainbow Units, 5 Brownie Units, 2 Guide Units and 2 Senior Section Units.

The Units are run by teams of volunteer Guiders, Young Leaders and adult helpers who provide a wide and varied programme of indoor and outdoor guiding activities including camps and holidays both at home and abroad.


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