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Meet the County Team

Assistant County Commissioner

Email:  assistcc@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Mairi McPhaden

My role is to support Lorna, our County Commissioner, as she guides, motivates and inspires our volunteers. My main responsibility is County admin.

Catterburn Chair

Email: catterburnchair@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Maxine Gow

The Chair of the Catterburn Management Committee leads a team of enthusiastic leaders who are responsible, in turn, for various aspects of looking after our Residential and Outdoor Activity Centre. These responsibilities include looking after the fabric of the buildings and grounds, ensuring equipment and facilities are of a good standard, ensuring bookings are kept up to date, fundraising, housekeeping, looking after the finances of the site, as well as ensuring we follow Girlguiding’s policies for buildings and campsites. The Chair also reports back to the County Executive on a regular basis. Being the Chair of this team is very interesting, is time consuming on occasion but is essential as Catterburn is the biggest asset our County has.

Chair of Finance Committee

Email: chairfinance@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Carol Mair

We are a new committee and our hope is to have a representative from each division on the team, as well as the County Treasurer and Catterburn Treasurer.

For ease we plan to go by the name of Finance Committee and our aim is to ensure that Guiders understand the implications and importance of accounts and OSCAR returns being audited correctly and produced on time.

The Division representatives will work with Commissioners to make sure that Accounts are audited and sent to the County Treasure on time. All accounts will be expected to be with Commissioners no later than 31st July each year, allowing the division representatives to pass to the County Treasurer no later than end of August.

Please feel free to contact myself if you are unsure of whom your division representative is.

Chair of Guiding Development

Email: guidingdevelopment@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Tracey Brown


Chair of Marketing and Communications

Email: marcomm@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Janice Blair

I have been a member of Girlguiding for a very long time now, however I always talk about how Girlguiding is my hobby!  Being passionate about Girlguiding, shouting out about all the things Girlguiding offers and enjoying talking about Girlguiding has definitely helped me in the role of Chair of Marketing and Communication.

Our county is really lucky to have a great communication team (which you can read all about in the ‘what we say’ section of the website).  We all have different roles and responsibilities, and are more than happy to help out in any way we can.

We can help with:  press releases, public relations, IT issues, growth, design, branding, events, projects, fundraising, social media, marketing, communication; the list goes on!

If you have any questions, or need help with any form of communication or marketing please get in touch.

Commissioner Development Adviser

Email: commdevadviser@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk



County Archivist

Email: countyarchivist@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Morven Hinson

I have been a leader in Guiding for more years than I care to remember so maybe it is appropriate that I’ve been put in the archives. However there is life in me yet and there is life in the archives. They are not there to gather dust.

We are fortunate that they are stored in a suitable environment in a local authority library and that we have the help and advice from their professional archivist.

We have a small but enthusiastic team who are always willing to make items available, to help set up displays and let people know about the history of the county and to let todays girls know about the traditions of guiding.

County Commissioner

Email: countycommissioner@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Lorna Hamilton

Working on it!

County President

Email: countypresident@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Helen Anderson

Working on it!

County Secretary

Email: secretary@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Barbara Gordon

I have been in guiding since joining Brownies and mostly in Dunbartonshire.  I am currently the County Secretary and have been in this role for about 10 years. I really enjoy this role.  I have helped with Brownies and ran a Guide Unit for several years and I am currently helping in Brownies in Kirkintilloch, I have always been Cook at Pack Holiday.  I have made many good friends through Guiding and have met so many like minded people throughout the country.  I have been given many opportunities through Guiding which is such a pleasure.

County Treasurer

Email: treasurer@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Fiona Kerr

My journey into County Treasurer began firstly as a brownie following the then natural progression to become a guide- that was many years ago now! I was fortunate enough to then lead the Guide Company I started in for a few years before taking an extended break.

I returned to Guiding 12 years ago as Assistant Leader and Unit Treasurer for 1st Bearsden Guides.

I took up my role s County Treasurer in April 2021.

My role is to keep accurate financial records on behalf of the County. To report and advise on financial matters.

My Responsibilities are to:

· Keep accurate records of financial transactions and accounts.
· Maintain relevant bank account(s), keeping up to date with any correspondence with the bank on behalf of the organisation.
· Maintain communication with the County, advising on financial matters as appropriate.
· Report back to the Executive on its financial position in order to ensure appropriate use of funds.
· Prepare end-of-year accounts for independent examination.
· Ensure correct financial procedures are in place and maintained.
· Plan future budgeting and present financial forecasts if requested.
· Give assistance to Units/Districts/Divisions with accounting problems, if required.
· Collate information regarding preparation of all sets of accounts due in the County, and report to the County Exec on the number complete/in progress/outstanding.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Division Commissioners

Central Division

Email: centraldiv@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Eastern Division

Email: easterndiv@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Kelvin Division

Email: kelvindiv@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Kirkintilloch Division

Email: kirkintillochdiv@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

South Eastern Division

Email: southeasterndiv@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Western Division

Email: westerndiv@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

DofE Adviser

Email: DofEAdviser@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Kirsteen Raeside

Working on It!

Growth Coordinator

Email: Growth@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Heather Wilson

Working on It!

International Adviser

Email: intadviser@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Sheena Edwards BEM

I have been involved in Guiding since a 7 year old Brownie.  As a Ranger Guide I had my first International experience as part of the Ranger Camp in Sussex linked with the UK World Conference in 1975, where I was involved in the Closing Ceremony and handing over the World Flag to the Iranian Delegates for 1979.  As a Guider I have been involved in various large UK camps with International guests, and offered Home Hospitality which also meant learning far more about Guiding and life in other countries.  I have been fortunate to take Guides to Our Chalet in Switzerland, the Parisopoly event in Paris, and a UK group of Senior Section to Canada.  Twice I have been on Guiders trips to our Indian World Centre Sangam, and am now planning a Guiders trip Our Cabana in April 2021.  I am delighted to be part of the team for Camp Brave in August 2020 – our International Camp in Scotland!

Guiding has so much to offer to every girl, and exploring the International Opportunities helps to realise what an amazing sisterhood we have across the world.  Please encourage those eligible, to come along and experience Dunbartonshire INTOPS, so that they can learn about what is on offer next year, and if it would interest them.  We have some lovely young women involved in Dunbartonshire Guiding, and I am always so impressed by them, and thrilled to put them forward for these amazing experiences.

Leadership Coordinator

Email: leadership@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Barbara Gordon

I have been in guiding since joining Brownies and mostly in Dunbartonshire.  I have had many appointments over the years and at present I am Coordinator for Leadership Qualification and part of a team with a representative from each Division which works well especially with our large County and spread over a wide area.   I have helped with Brownies and ran a Guide Unit for several years and I am currently helping in Brownies in Kirkintilloch, I have always been Cook at Pack Holiday.  I have made many good friends through Guiding and have met so many like minded people throughout the country.  I have been given many opportunities through Guiding which is such a pleasure.  If you have any questions regarding your leadership qualification please get in touch.

Leader Qualification Verifier

Email: lqverifier@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Morven Hinson

The role of the Leadership Qualification Verifier is to check on the Mentors to make sure that a consistent standard is being expected from all new leaders.
When a new leader finishes her qualification, it is signed off by her Mentor and the portfolio passed to me to be verified.  I check that everything has been signed and that there is an appropriate amount of evidence.  I then authorise the issue of the certificate and badge.

Membership Coordinator

Email: membersystems@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Laura Hunter

I have been a member of Girlguiding since I was 7, loving all aspects of Brownies and Guides, staying on as a Young Leader then a Leader. I have held many roles at district, division and county level prior to taking on the role of county GO coordinator.

The county GO coordinator role involves helping members with their queries around GO and updating records where needed. I love solving problems and I am always happy to explain and sort issues where required.

Outdoors and Residential Adviser

Email: outadviser@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Outdoors and Residential Coordinator

Email: outcoordinator@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Safe Space Adviser

Email: safespaceadviser@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Helen Rankin

Hi, I have been a leader since August 2004, but did start off in Brownies and have never left.  I started in Bishopbriggs Guiding and have since transferred to the 5th Kirkintilloch Guides and Dunbartonshire since August 2017.  Since becoming a leader I have been involved in many county roles, including Guide Link Guider, Outdoor Adviser and BP Adventure Coordinator (for North Lanarkshire).  Since moving to Dunbartonshire I have started my qualification to become a Safe Space Trainer.  Outside of Guiding I have my HNC in Social Care and SVQ 3 Social Care Children and Young people, that I use in my job working in a school with children with challenging behaviour.

In my role as Safe Space Adviser for Dunbartonshire I am able to answer questions on risk assessments, care plans and any general enquiries or concerns.  I am happy to help with concerns and contacting the Safeguarding team at Headquarters.  All enquiries are only shared with those who need to know, e.g. County Commissioner and the Safeguarding team at HQ, They will not be discussed at any meetings or trainings.

If you have a genuine concern or receive a disclosure please contact the Safeguarding team at HQ and follow the procedure set out in the Safe Space booklet.

Training Chair

Email: training@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Helen Rankin

Working on it!

Trefoil Guild Chair

Email: trefoil@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Young Leader Adviser

Email: yladviser@girlguidingdunbartonshire.org.uk

Lauren Evans

“I am a Guide and Ranger Leader in Central Division Dunbartonshire and was a Young Leader myself. I am passionate about helping young women recognise their potential and an advocate for equal opportunities.

I am so grateful to have had many amazing opportunities as a member of GirlGuiding Scotland and am now keen to help others challenge themselves and achieve great things!

My job will be to support and liaise with each area’s Young Leader Coordinator to help our young ladies get the most out of their time volunteering with us.  I am particularly keen to support the completion of the Young Leader Qualification and encourage young ladies to develop their skills and grow as a person!

Once District commissioners have checked that the YL evidence is sufficient for the award. I will award the certificate and badge for the completion of YLQ.

I am always happy to help or give support to both girls and leaders. Please feel free to drop me an email and I will do my best to help you.

Excited to be part of your Young Leader journey! ”